The Digistar Awards are sponsored by Evans & Sutherland to recognize excellence in Digistar productions and to promote DUG FTP Library and Digistar Cloud Library submissions. We encourage everyone to submit DUG FTP Library and Digistar Cloud Library items for award consideration. E&S would like to stress that all content is welcome. We’re looking for a wide variety of content. We’re interested in educational segments for use in both formal and informal settings, content related to sciences other than astronomy, and STEAM content. We’re looking for content that may be artistic, musical, clever, funny, and/or beautiful as well as useful. Even if you think your entry is simple or basic – please submit it for consideration!

Digistar 5 and 6 users should upload their demos to the Digistar Cloud.
-Include in the description or tag “DUG 2017” and email to let the Librarian know there is a demo for the conference on the Cloud.
-If the submission is fulldome video, upload only a Channel 0 version to the Cloud.
-The Host should let fulldome demo submitters know what projector system will be used at the conference so they can slice their fulldome videos (if appropriate); sliced videos can be sent to the Host to be loaded onto the conference system.

All other Digistar users should upload their demos to the Submit folder of the DUG Library (FTP)
-Email that a demo for the conference was uploaded.
-If these are real-time demos, they will have to be converted/tested. The weeks before the conference are hectic, so users should try to upload their demos and request they be converted 3-4 weeks before the conference. We will always do our best if demos come in later.
-If these are fulldome videos, they can upload Channel 0 to the DUG Library and send sliced (if appropriate) files to the Host

The Librarian will contact submitters for additional information.