DUG encourages all Digistar users to join us for the Digistar 2017 User Group Meeting in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The Digistar Users Group provides a forum for discussion and exchange of information concerning the Digistar digital planetarium systems; We also provide a mean for exchanging Digistar content; and for maintaining a dialogue between member sites and the Digistar system manufacturer, Evans & Sutherland, on matters of service, improvements, and other subjects of mutual concern and interest.


Creating and innovating together

The Digistar Users Group began in the mid 1980’s as an informal gathering of planetarians. This first gathering took place in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). At the time there were only five Digistar systems world-wide. Today there are more than 300 Digistar equipped planetaria on six continents. The current Digistar product line includes Digistar II through Digistar 6 systems in various configurations appropriate for domes of nearly any size.


Join to the community.

While Evans & Sutherland is the manufacturer of Digistar systems, it does not operate the Digistar Users Group. Membership in the Digistar Users Group is voluntary – the organization is member driven, and member governed. Membership runs on an annual basis, and most members choose to pay their DUG dues at the time of the annual DUG meeting. E&S is the “Manufacturer Member” as indicated in the DUG charter, and participates fully in the organization. Membership in DUG is required in order to access the DUG show/model library, past newsletters, meeting notes, standards documents, our charter and standing rules, and other content. Membership is currently $20 (US) per year, payable to the DUG Treasurer. Evans & Sutherland pays the first year dues of all new Digistar installations. After that time, it is the site’s responsibility to maintain in contact with the organization and keep their membership active. For membership inquiries: treasurer@digistardomes.org

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Current Organization


President | Markus Schack

Fachhochschule Kiel | Kiel, Germany

Secretary | Jeannette Myers

Dooley Planetarium | Florence, SC

Treasurer | Mike George

M42 Creative | Phoenix, AZ

Past President | Colin James

Stardome Observatory | Auckland, New Zealand

President Elect | Jason Heaton

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery | Dayton, Ohio

Website Administrator | Marko Herrmann

Fachhochschule Kiel | Kiel, Germany

Standards Committee Chair | Matt Mascheri

Dome3D LLC | Chicago, IL

Newsletter Editor/Librarian | Karen Klamczynski

Evans & Sutherland | Salt Lake City, UT

DUG Listserv Manager | Sascha Kriegel

Planetarium Hamburg | Hamburg, Germany


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